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    PaperSmart Industries is the leading manufacturer of recycled Newspaper pencils within Namibia. We carry the mandate to engineer most all the items on this website, as we turn waste materials into valuable products for sustainable business that improves the green credentials and save money. Aime Lebon is the brain behind the green Technology and eco office consumables industry, by using his expertise to help you save money and the planet one product at time.

     PaperSmart Industries is a bona fide Namibian owned company, Majority owned by a Namibian Woman who has extensive expertise and qualification in health issues including business Management, and has a lot of experience in provision of employee Safety and welfare.  The business main factory and administrative office is located at No 19 Pasteur Street, Windhoek-West and will soon operate all over the country. The business is, as majority owned by a Namibian Woman which promotes young & woman entrepreneurship and its increases the provision of employment to previously disadvantaged Namibians in the country, and the upliftment of black economic empowerment (BEE) of previously disadvantaged Namibians. PaperSmart industries is dedicated to 70% women employment in its workforce

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    Office:              +264 61 243 280

    Fax:                  +264 61 243 214

    Cell:                 +264 818675822

    E-mail:             info@papersmart.com.na

    P.O. Box 8318 Bachbrecht , Windhoek Namibia

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