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    Papersmart Industries aims to manufacture and distribute affordable and high quality recycled paper based writing instruments, as well as other recycled paper based and eco friendly products to all Namibians one product at time and to Africans as whole and contribute to the improvement of the living standards of all by providing jobs throughout the country, and contribute to the set objectives of Vision 2030, NDP4/NDP5, Growth @ Home, HARAMBEE Prosperity Plan, New Procurement Bill just to name few.

    Papersmart Industries Provides social etiquette, Diplomacy & Protocol, hygienic and healthy environment and quality environmentally friendly products/services.  It is the goal of the company to achieve a greater reputation for quality and valuable products manufacturing from waste materials and on time delivery services throughout the country.


    • Save trees
    • Prevent deforestation
    • Climate change awareness
    • Employment Creation,
    • Young and Woman entrepreneurship promotion (promotion of previously disadvantaged Namibians, and for Black Economic Empowerment (BEE).
    • Produce quality affordable ecologically friendly products in Africa.
    • Make Profit and sustain company growth
    • Identify customer’s needs and pay attention continuously monitoring the progress and performance of the company.
    • Be the preferred company in the industry we operate.


    We are the first green company in Namibia to specialize in manufacturing of eco-friendly stationery. By so doing, we are raising Environmental Awareness and Climate Change issues through a dynamic approach including the eco-pencils, eco-pens ect… as communication, information and educational tools, thus protecting the planet through recycle, reuse, reduce…



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    Office:              +264 61 243 280

    Fax:                  +264 61 243 214

    Cell:                 +264 818675822

    E-mail:             info@papersmart.com.na

    P.O. Box 8318 Bachbrecht , Windhoek Namibia

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